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Fresh rambutan fruit from Hawaii. Image of fresh rambutan in a bowl with a few fruits peeled open to show the flesh of the fruit.

About Our Rambutan

Also known as the Hula Berry, Rambutans are juicy, delicious and festive. They make unique, decorative and celebratory fresh fruit added to any meal or as gifts for holidays or any occasion. Peel the top half of the skin off and use the decorative bottom half as the Rambutan holder. Serve as a snack, in a fruit salad or arrange in a festive fruit platter. The Rambutan we ship is at its best; gorgeous, fat and sweet!

We pick, pack and ship our fruit with care to ensure the freshest quality, but they are meant to be eaten fresh from the tree so please eat them and share them right away. The fruits are delicate and susceptible to light bruising and browning once picked and packaged.

Stack of Hula Brother's fruit boxes that are used to package and ship fresh longan, lychee and rambutan from Hawaii.


Please view our Shipping Policy for details.

Orders are generally shipped via FedEx Overnight. Orders must be received and processed 48 hours before we ship to meet USDA/APHIS requirements. If orders are received after our cutoff, they will be shipped the following week. Thank you for your understanding.

All fruit is shipped via FedEx and requires a physical address. Fruit cannot be shipped to PO Boxes. Fruit cannot be shipped to Florida. 

Fresh rambutan fruit on a tree at Hula Brother's orchard in Hawaii.

Additional Information

All our fresh fruit is sold by the case and cannot be mixed with other fruit within the case due to export regulations. The fruit is treated with electronic pasteurization to meet federal export requirements required by the USDA and APHIS.

Customer Reviews

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I received my package and put it directly into the fridge to enjoy them cold and for dessert that night. They were juicy sweet and delicious!! Thank you!!

Fei Wang



Saw Kimmi Werner advertise hula brothers on her ig. Ordered a 7 pound box for me and my daughters . Arrived in two days as promised. Surf was pumping the next day so we brought the whole box to the beach to share with friends . Best rambutan we’ve ever had hands down. Aloha in every bite 🤙🏾


Best ever. Super sweet.

Annie L
Mealybugs on Rambutan were found

The shipping was great but disappointedly found many mealybugs on rambutan and scared me a lot which was not expected before