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Shipping is included for Hawaii and continental US - additional shipping is calculated at checkout for orders shipping to Alaska.

We ship via FedEx Overnight, however, it is common for deliveries to take TWO DAYS to be delivered based on your location or occasional FedEx shipping delays. 

It is normal for the peels of the fruit to darken during shipping, please review these details on what to expect prior to placing your order. Please see the details below to learn about our fruit and shipping policies.

Stack of Hula Brother's fruit boxes that are used to package and ship fresh longan, lychee and rambutan from Hawaii.


We ship all longan via FedEx Overnight. Most West Coast orders are delivered the day after they ship from our farm, however with the increase in shipping delays it is possible that your order will take 2 days to be delivered. Non West Coast orders will take 2-day for delivery.

Please ensure you are available to receive and properly store the fruit as soon as it is delivered. We package and ship our products to comply with federal agricultural regulations, and are unable to add icepacks or other materials at this time. We are not responsible for damage after the fruit has been delivered.

Please read our FAQs for more information.

Fresh longan fruit from Hawaii. Image of longan fruit in a bowl with a few fruits open with the seeds and flesh showing.

About Our Longan

Longan, also known as "dragon's eye", are golden brown skinned with a translucent fruit on the inside. Longans are extraordinarily sweet and tasty and have been a favored fruit in Southeast Asia for centuries.

We pick, pack and ship our fruit with care to ensure the freshest quality, but they are meant to be eaten fresh from the tree so please eat them and share them right away. The fruit we send is ripe, sweet and luscious and we ship only the best of the fruit!

Tree with fresh, ripe longan fruit.

Additional Information

All our fresh fruit is sold by the case and cannot be mixed with other fruit within the case due to export regulations. The fruit is treated with electronic pasteurization to meet federal export requirements required by the USDA and APHIS.

We cannot ship to Florida.

Customer Reviews

Based on 248 reviews
Best Longan ever!

Freshest longan ever! After being on the Big Island and enjoying fresh longan, I’m so glad I can have it shipped to my home. You can tell how fresh the longan is when you peel into it. The inside fruit is still firm and juicy and the seed is small. Can’t wait to order more.

Must to buy every year!

I have purchased Logan and lychee’s from Hula for many years, so fresh and good!

Yanping Lin
I like it,highly recommend


So good!

My dad from China said these were the best longans he's ever had! Can't wait for the lychees!

Cathy LF
The Sweetest and juiciest Longan ever!

I only buy longans from Hula Brothers! Love them so much and I also love Lychees during the summer too!