Our fruit is tree ripened and is never frozen or treated with any preservatives or dyes. It's as fresh as it gets without picking it off the tree yourself.

Tree ripened on Big Island of Hawaii.

Our tree ripened Hawaii ‘Kaimana’ Lychee are large, juicy, sweet and tangy and have thin red skin and juicy translucent fruit with a small pit.

We pick, pack and ship our fruit with care to ensure the freshest quality. The fruit is perishable and susceptible to light bruising and browning once picked, packaged and shipped, and are best eaten as soon as you receive them.

Remove from box and bag.

Please be available to receive your package upon delivery. And follow these step as soon as possible to ensure the best flavor.

Lychee is very perishable and may loose some of its bright color by the time you receive it.

If the bag is not torn, you can rinse it, dry it and use it to store your lychee.

Rinse your lychee with cold water.

This will remove any juices that may have leaked from split fruit during transit.

Remove any split or damaged fruit.

These can be eaten, but we do not recommend storing them.

Here is some fruit that was damaged during shipping.

We are always working to improve our packaging and shipping, however it is common to have some split and browning fruits upon delivery.

Allow lychee to air dry.

They don't need to be fully dry for storage, but removing excess water will help them to keep longer.

Place in sealed container or plastic bag and store in the refrigerator.

Lychee skin will brown when exposed to cool dry air, so we recommend storing them in a covered container or plastic bag. Place a paper towel or clean cloth in the bag to absorb any extra moisture.

We find the sweetness of the lychee is enhanced when chilled. Even as the skin browns, the fruit inside will be sweet and juicy.


Mahalo for your order and supporting our small family farm.

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