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Lychee season is over! Big Mahalos to all of you who ordered and reordered the Lychee during the short season. I am so grateful to have been able to share our wonderful crop with our customers.

Fresh Hawaii grown 'Kaimana' Lychee may occasionally be available in May and/or June. We usually ship to the mainland once or twice in a season.

Please email us with a request if you would like to be on a ‘Lychee notification’ list. I do email those requesting a notice. And unfortunately I have short notice, so I give our customers the same short notice. We will make Lychee available on the website, when they are available.

Thank you for understanding.

The fruit we send is ripe, sweet and luscious.

Please e-mail us if you have questions.


Lychee, red skinned and juicy, have a translucent fruit. Lychee are sweet, tasty and have been a favored fruit in Asia for centuries. They are delicate, the skins turn brown as they are exposed to air. Eat them and share them right away! They can also be frozen and are superb that way.

Not available for shipping to Florida.

$75.00 for an 10 lb. case, USA prices only. Shipping included.

All fruit is shipped Fed Ex.


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