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Mangosteen Tree

Aloha Customers,

I have a waiting list....I send out the trees to my customers on the waiting list as their name comes up.

Branching Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) trees are growing well and are slowly available in 2018.

Please email me your name with the quantity of trees you want and the state you want the tree or trees sent to. I will put you on a list (that does not obligate you to purchase them, just gives me an idea of my ability to send out this year.) I am sending the trees out in the order in which I receive a request to be put on the back-order list.

I will get back to you usually within a week of your email.

Plant It Hawaii is the sister company of Hula Brothers.

The Mangosteen trees are at least 35 inches tall, grown in 4"x4"x10" pots on certified benches.
Plant It Hawaii takes great pride in the quality of our tropical fruit trees. See our plants on the web at .

Mangosteen is a slow growing understory tree native to Malaysia. The fruit is highly prized and considered the "Queen of Fruits." The round, purple, smooth, thick-skinned fruits are the size of a small apple and considered perhaps the most delicious fruit in the world. Mangosteen is most often eaten fresh and divides easily into segments when the skin has been lifted away.

The plants have truly tropical requirements. The ideal growing conditions are with moist well-drained soil and hot, humid weather. Mangosteen trees are very sensitive to wind. Organic fertilizers like manures are highly recommended. The Mangosteen trees will start to bear any time between seven (with optimal care) to as long as fifteen years of age.

Mangosteen has a long and slender tap root with very few feeder roots. Extra gentle care should be taken during transplanting. The plants are usually grown under light shade and wind protection until they are 4 to 6 feet tall.
Mangosteens are true to seed, not grafted.

$125.00 for one or two for $200.00, USA prices only. Cannot currently be shipped to Utah. Shipping included in price.

All orders shipped via Fed Ex.


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