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Longan is now out of season. We hope to have fresh Longan available later in the summer. I will make it available on the website when it is ripe.

Please have your order in 48 hours before our Tuesday ship dates.

Longan is fresh from our farm. The fruit we send is ripe, sweet and luscious. We ship only the best of the fruit!

Please e-mail us if you have questions or need Longan for a special event.

We ship usually Tuesdays or Wednesdays for delivery via FedEx 2nd day air. Orders must arrive 48 hours before we ship to meet USDA/APHIS requirements. Thank you for your understanding.


Longan, also known as "dragon's eye", are golden brown skinned with a translucent fruit on the inside. Longans are extraordinarily sweet and tasty and have been a favored fruit in Southeast Asia for centuries.

Not available for shipping to Florida.

$69.95 for an 8 lb. case, USA prices only. Shipping included.

All fruit is shipped Fed Ex.


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