Hula Brothers Inc.


Rambutan season is over for this season. Thank you everyone who ordered and received Rambutan from us. We hope it was as delicious as we eat it here!

The Rambutan we ship is at its best; gorgeous, fat and sweet!

We will ship on Tuesday for delivery via FedEx 2nd day air. Orders must arrive 48 hours before we ship to meet USDA/APHIS requirements.

Also known as the Hula Berry, Rambutans are juicy, delicious and festive. They make unique, decorative and celebratory fresh fruit added to any meal or as gifts for holidays or any occasion. Peel the top half of the skin off and use the decorative bottom half as the Rambutan holder. Serve as a snack, in a fruit salad or arrange in a festive fruit platter.


$59.95 for a 7 lb. case USA prices only. Shipping included.

All fruit is shipped Fed Ex.


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